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DP Commercial Cleaning is a Stoke-on-Trent based commercial kitchen cleaning company who provide a full range of commercial cleaning services to restaurants, hotel chains, schools and other businesses throughout the UK. We have been deep cleaning commercial kitchens for over 7 years, providing fast responses, high-quality work and ultimately peace of mind, helping businesses maintain healthy, safe and clean kitchens.

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About Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Commercial kitchen cleaning or deep cleaning is the name given to a kitchen’s annual or bi-annual clean. It is much more thorough than a daily clean – as hard to reach areas are tackled, and equipment is stripped back, cleaned and reassembled. During a kitchen deep clean, we open, move and clean every inch of a customer’s kitchen including walls, ceilings, the areas underneath cookers, the seals of fridges, preparation tables and around the feet of these. We then clean all equipment, including industrial ovens, fryers and finish with the floor. 

The term ‘deep cleaning’ refers to our commercial kitchen cleaning service. We also provide in addition to this, grease extract system cleaning, duct cleaning and kitchen equipment cleaning.

Why Use a Commercial Kitchen Cleaning Service?

Commercial kitchen cleaning is vital, so kitchens meet strict food and safety laws set out by in the Food and Safety Acts of 1990 and 1995.

The law requires all food premises and equipment to be kept clean and the kitchen protected against all types of infestations, such as rats and mice etc. A deep clean will help maintain hygiene standards and avoid the build-up of bacteria, which can cause serious health problems such as salmonella. If customers are affected, this can damage the business’ reputation and in some cases, cause business closure.

Even in the most organised of kitchens, those hard-to-spot areas such as under ovens or tops of shelves can be overlooked. After all, out of sight can mean out of mind. A commercial kitchen cleaning service will keep the kitchen clean and sanitary and minimise health risks.

Food and safety acts also require equipment to be kept in good repair. A deep clean means the kitchens and equipment are not only left spotless and sanitary, but any removal of dirt and grease will help the equipment run more efficiently. Equipment failure can cause great inconvenience and business downtime while work is done to replace or fix it.

The Benefits of Using DP Commercial Cleaning

Using a professional service such as DP Commercial Cleaning is extremely cost-effective as we can deep clean a kitchen in around eight hours. The same job may take the owner a week and can cause loss of business while work is being carried out. We offer an efficient service, and our work is always of the highest possible standards, so you can be sure your kitchen is left spotless and sanitary.

Our work will ensure that your business complies with health and safety standards, and passes its annual inspection.

As well as a thorough top to bottom kitchen clean, we take equipment apart, clean it and put it back together again, to ensure it is free of dirt and working efficiently and safely.

About DP Commercial Cleaning

DP Commercial Cleaning offers a superior standard of cleaning at the best possible price. We have a response speed of 24hrs, and we will always aim to match any quote you have received.

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